Shutting Down The Smooch

It’s been a good year or so with the Smooch, but I have decided to close the blog down effective next week. It’s been a good ride, but I would not call the website a failure.

What I learned from doing this website was that there is sometimes an “I” in team, but luckily, because of the great reviews that came in from Thomas, we have started a new blog that will be announced on the social media in a few weeks. It’s going in-depth on anything media, and it’ll be very lengthy, and maybe you’ll see a ton more writing from me, aside from that 4-month burnout that happened.

I can announce, however, that I have started a new GAME SHOW themed blog over at which will be home to game show reviews (all of which will be brand new and revived versions of the shows featured here and at HJGE)  and maybe even some fun meta-games in the near future.

It’s been personally troublesome in my life for the last year, and I am pretty sure it will be the same next year as well, but hopefully, there will be good things happening in the future.

I’d like to thank everybody who has visited the website, shared an article or left a comment. Even if it was just 2 viewers a day, it was still interesting. The only reason I’m closing this is because I’m taking it into a new direction, and I am pretty sure something called “TEAM” would be awkward, if I’m writing a good chunk of articles like last time 😛

Expect great things from SFG and the lengthy walls of text that will talk about all things media.